About TuffSteel

At TUFFSTEEL® LIMITED, we are the go to distributor for all your construction materials needs. You are assured of purchasing highest quality building materials endorsed and certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

In the last 12 years that the company has been in existence, TUFFSTEEL® LIMITED has become synonymous with endurance, reliability and quality and is one of the leading suppliers of cement, steel, roofing solutions, Bitumen and industrial chemicals for construction use, in Kenya.

TUFFSTEEL® LIMITED is committed to enhancing Kenya’s infrastructure by providing superior construction materials under one roof through our long standing partnerships with some of Kenya’s leading and expert manufacturers in the cement, steel, roofing solutions industries and other international companies.

Our Mission

To consistently provide the construction and engineering industry with reliable, superior quality products and services.

Our Vision

Through our dynamic and reliable infrastructure we offer our service throughout Kenya and all across Africa and aspire to be the most trusted and preferred partner in the provision of wholesale construction materials - all from under one roof.